06 November 2006

iTunes for Windows is bad software

iTunes for Windows is really bad.

It crashes. One out of every three or four sessions end in a crash. Usually when clicking something or when some large task is being performed, but sometimes when the program is completely idle.

It is slow. Every time I click the mouse, the program takes at least half a second to react. On a Pentium D with 1024 MB DDR2 ram. Browsing through the album covers goes fine for about 10-20 albums, and then it suddenly hangs for 10-20 seconds. And every time I shut the program down (given that it hasn’t crashed) a dialog tells me (for about half a minute) that iTunes is updating the library. During that time the computer is practically unresponsive.

It does not update my iPod correctly. My iPod has several podcasts lying around, even though they have been listened to and resynced. I think it has something to do with me using the functionality “Only sync checked items”.

Is iTunes for Windows really just an emulation of some OSX program? Is my library too large? (15000 songs.) Should I run as an administrator?

(PS. I’m especially cranky today because I just updated to version 7.0.2 and found no improvement and it crashed on me the first three times I opened it.)

(PS2. Yes, my computer is working nicely. Memtest gives no errors. I have no Spyware nor virues. Checkdisk doesn’t detect any problems.)

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