02 February 2011

Bye bye Mozy

Update 2011-03-02: I have chosen my substitute for Mozy.

Disclaimer: I have no personal interest in any of the sites listed below, nor am I using any personal referral links etc. to gain personal advantages.

Mozy just announced that they will discontinue their unlimited backup plan in favor of tiered plans. The big failure here is that it will be more expensive for everyone (except for some multi-computer plans). Even the lowest tier will be 20% more expensive than the current plan.
For me the price increase would be 100%. I say would, because like many users I will cancel my Mozy account before ever paying what they want me to pay.
Luckily, Mozy has competitors, and a few of these are taking advantage of the situation and making special offers for Mozy users that wish to migrate. In the table below I list some of the alternatives to Mozy, their prices and any special coupons you may use. I don’t have direct experience with all of these, but will keep you posted when I finally migrate to one.

Storage Price per year Coupons Comments
Backblaze Unlimited $ 50 10% by using coupon: byemozy
Carbonite Unlimited $ 54.95 Several podcasts offer 2 free months Bandwidth is reduced for customers backing up more than 200 GB.

I have personally tried Carbonite and do not like their software client.
CrashPlan+ Unlimited Unlimited $ 49.99 15% Mozy Switcher Discount Additional savings signing up for multiple years. Offers local backup and backup to other computers at no cost.
DropBox 100 GB $ 239.88 Complete sync platform (not just backup). Other tiers available.

I love DropBox but find it a bit expensive to use for my backup.
JungleDisk 100 GB $ 207 Priced per GB actually used, i.e. after compression. The price is just an example.

I use JungleDisk at work and consider it to be of very high quality.
LiveDrive Unlimited $ 45.20 25% lifetime off for Mozy users
SafeCopy 200 GB $ 50 10 % off using coupon: switch 300 GB available for $ 70
SugarSync 100 GB $ 149.99 33% off first year Complete sync platform (not just backup). Other tiers available.
I will probably try either Backblaze or CrashPlan+ as soon as I get around to it. According to Mozy “Refunds on multi-period plans (i.e. annual and biennial plans) may be granted” so I will probably not wait until my year ends in June to do this migration. I feel like telling Mozy how I feel about their new price plans as soon as possible.
Please use the comments if you have anything to add.
Edit 2011-02-02 13:23: Added LiveDrive
Edit 2011-02-02 16:52: Added SafeCopy


  1. Anonymous2/2/11 12:57

    Bummer to Mozy. Thought it was a great service till it dropped unlimited backup plans. I already said bye bye and switched to www.safecopybackup.com. Am impressed by the ability to backup multiple computers on a single account at a reasonable price.$50/yr is pretty far better than $700/yr. go Safecopy.

  2. Anonymous3/2/11 10:27

    aha! thanks for sharing this review. Am on serious hunt for a Mozy substitute.According to my critical observation here. am kinda looking at three options; Backblaze, Crashplan and Safecopy. All seem pretty affordable. hmmmm..since I have 5 computers, I will currently go for Safecopy. Wish me Luck!!

  3. Best of luck with your migration, Sylvia. I will probably try Backblaze since I really like how transparent they are about their infrastructure and their business model seems to make sense.

    I would love to hear about your experience with Safecopy.

  4. Magnus, you should take a look at JOTTA - https://www.jotta.no
    I was using Backblaze for a couple of years, but they restrict the upload speed. Since I am a photographer I need the upload all my photos after a job as quick as possible. With Jotta there is no limit. Your own line is the limit.