02 February 2007

Smooth voices

To bring you back down from this week's stress, I would like to share two smooth jazz voices with you. Both are female and both are Norwegian.

First off is a singer that, although she has just recently turned 40, is considered a veteran in Norwegian jazz. Silje Nergaard has released a total of 8 albums, and worked with legends such as Pat Metheny and Al Jarreau. A duet with the later can be seen in the video below:

(Direct link)

If you like Silje Nergaard, I recommend you start with the albums "Port of Call" (2000) or "At first light" (2001).

The second soothing voice was one I discovered recently on a live concert recording on Spanish television. Her voice brought my attention, and when I read her name, Rebekka Bakken, I quickly turned to the Internet to confirm that she was actually Norwegian, though it seems that she left Norway at young age to pursue her musical career in New York and later Vienna where she lives now. Below you may hear her with Julia Hülsmann Trio (and see a still cover foto):

(Direct link)

This song is found on the disc "Scattered Poems" (2003) by Julia Hülsmann Trio with Rebekka Bakken. The disc "Beloved" (2002) by Rebekka Bakken & Wolfgang Muthspiel is also very good.

Have a nice weekend. I'm off to Barcelona (as long as my cold doesn't get the better of me).

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