22 March 2008

8 reasons not to buy the Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N95 8GB has everything, yet fails on just about every function. Here are some of the reasons why you should not buy this phone:

  1. It is too big

  2. The internal memory while big is awfully slow. It will take you at least 30 minutes to transfer 1GB.

  3. The camera has 5 MP, but is too slow. Do not expect to use it for taking portraits. It is mostly useful for shooting landscapes on sunny days.

  4. The included music player is bad. It has no "shuffle all" function. Volume is at times to low. Sometimes the phone beeps for no aparant reason or fades volume down and back up when you listen to music.

  5. GPS is awfully slow and if you want the navigation option it just got very expensive. Spain for 1 year costs 60-70 €. No 3 year option anymore. Do not trust the price quotes you see on the Nokia web pages. This is not what you will get on your phone (confirmed with customer service)

  6. The Symbian S60 platform is locked down for freeware. Nokia brags about it being an open platform, but you won't find much software worth installing

  7. The phone's Wifi has some strange drop out issues

  8. The podcast application, while able to download over Wifi, is crap. It does not remember the last position you listened to. It is only half-way integrated with the music player (using different concepts of new/played). It does not clean up old downloads.

Conclusion: Tech savvy will learn to tolerate it. Non savvy will never use half the functions. But noone will really like it.

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