16 April 2009

More Spotify invites

Edit: All invites have been taken. More will be posted soon

I recently posted six Spotify invites. I have now gotten ten more, so here they go.

  1. 6iJyN7iuumy3CfqK

  2. Xq2GYFhy4YKAVSUi

  3. JSBPn9PUpJ6p2xAR

  4. 9wUTSLbMw5MBSn52

  5. 7dNLtfHz6uHNXgUT

  6. w8mzwtMP3M4hBqtG

  7. xf7ENKwVb5kGFCzh

  8. 8ukpnqwNMi7PCbH7

  9. gpzVwRWEhwKG2DEY

  10. 3YBBe2FMw5SYeqMj

If the first one doesn’t work, try the second one etc. (And feel free to tell which are taken or even post more in the comments).


  1. Number 3 taken. Thanks a lot for posting!

  2. A pleasure, Oscar. I seem to get new invites whenever I spend them, so I will post more when the last one is taken. Cheers.