23 March 2011

Who is evil?

SMS bus query
Poster for the SMS service
EMT, the public company running the buses in Málaga, has a nice SMS service for knowing when the next bus will arrive at a given stop (this is important since there is no time table). I think each SMS costs 0,30 €. However, the same service is available for free on their (next to unusable) web page. I have deep links to this web page on my phone for the stops I frequent, thus eliminating the cost since I have a flat rate Internet plan.

Sadly, this is no longer working. For about a month or two, any request to www.emtmalaga.es over the 3G network time out. The same urls, from the same iPhone but over wifi work perfectly.

So, is this an error or is someone doing evil to protect their premium SMS service? Movistar? EMT? Look straight into my eyes and tell me you didn't do it!


  1. Anonymous10/4/11 20:31

    Same problem with Orange and Movistar... And i'm having problems too with the android app "Malaga Info" who worked before.

  2. Then I presume EMT is blocking this communication. I have contacted them through e-mail but gotten no response.