03 April 2020

How to make a pea gun

You need:

  1. A wooden clothes peg
  2. A rubber band
  3. A knife
  4. Dried peas or chick peas

Step 1: Take apart the clothes peg.

Step 2: Square off one of the sides of the round cutout where the spring was on one of the wooden parts as shown below.

Step 3: 
Put the spring on the this wooden part, as shown in the image.

Step 4: Cut off a large part of the other wooden part, starting around 5mm in front of the small cutout, as shown in the image. The cut should slope slightly. (PS. This part was a bit too long. It should have been around 5mm shorter.)

Step 5: Join the two parts with the rubber band. The gun is now ready.

To load the gun, first you need to tense the spring by pushing the small part forward until you catch the spring in the shallow cutout, and then back until it reaches the corresponding cutout of the large part.

Then insert a check pea right in front of the spring and shoot!

If it doesn't work, try shortening the upper part a bit (this was too long). And be careful, please!

(Ertepistol av klesklype, pistola de garbanzos de pinza de ropa)

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