16 November 2006

The iPod killer

Finally! We no longer have to put up with with those bloody scratches and that horrendous software. The iPod killer is here! Or actually it is not expected to get to Europe for another decade or so, but at least it's there. In the US, that is.

The worlds largest software company has decided that enough is enough. That white little thing from the Disney guy has had its fifteen minutes of fame. No more. All of Microsoft's expertise on software and hardware has been brought together to design the best entertainment device ever. Old friends have been sacrificed. Large projects have been shut down. No sacrifice is too big when it comes to getting into your pockets.

And now, at last, the result is here. It is just perfect. Those few lucky ones that now carry around that stylish, charming, retro-brown thingy are filling the Internet with ecstatic praise of the newborn. Just a few, minor, hardly noticable, problems (or issues, perhaps) have been reported:

  1. It is not compatible with all operating systems, such as Windows Vista. I guess the Zune team couldn't afford the MSDN pack. Or perhaps they were stuck in WGA?

  2. The installation procedure is reported to be somewhat difficult.

  3. You may experience problems reproducing your legal music bought from irrelevant, third party providers such as MSN. (What does MSN stand for anyway?) Your normal music (not legal, that is) will probably play just fine.

  4. It does not work with all media players.

  5. Some associate the finish of the player with less sexy things.

Anyway, these minor disadvantages are probably outweighed by the famous usability always offered by Microsoft. I just don't hope they kill my iPod any time zoon. I was just starting to get used to it...

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