29 November 2006

On time

Yesterday I visited the new commercial center "Vialia Estación María Zambrano" which forms part of the new train station in Málaga. It impressed me. Not because it's that special (it consists of a bunch of clothes shops, bars of type Gambrinus, Burger King and Cantina Mariachi, cinema (expensive) and bowling, nor because of its size (it's big, like all are).

What impressed me is that I had no idea. Sure, the train station of Málaga has been a construction site for a long time, but noone had told me that they were building a commercial centre. Yesterday we passed nearby and it seemed as it had popped out of the ground like a mushroom. Anyway, welcome it is. A cinema close to home isn't bad.

The photo is something that amused me. As in all new commercial centres, there are always a few shop that haven't managed to finish everything for the grand inauguration day, and you see people behind the bars work as crazy to put everything in place. But with the name that this shop has, they should have been able to make it on time.

PS. In case you didn't know, María Zambrano was a writer from Vélez-Málaga.

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